When you’re working with winches & winch hire equipment, it’s likely you’re also going to need some ancillary equipment, wherever and whatever you are pulling or lifting. The term ancillary equipment refers to any kind of accessories, machines, or technical equipment that are used with the main items of equipment in order to create a complete system. Some of our range at Rotrex Winches includes air compressors, additional hose bundles, vertical & horizontal deck sheaves, snatchblocks, winch constant tension and rendering facility, winch rope monitoring, hydraulic power units, secondary base frames and grillages, and rope spooling with back tension.

Hose Bundles

At Rotrex Winches, we provide hose bundles for both air and hydraulic applications. Our air hose bundles are supplied as standard in 15 metre sections, whilst our hydraulic hose bundles are supplied in 5 metre sections. Whatever hose length you require, you can achieve this by securely connecting multiple lengths together. One benefit is that if a hose gets damaged then the faulty section can be removed or replaced rather than having to replace the full length, thus reducing cost and downtime. All hoses are tested to 150% of their working pressure rating prior to mobilisation to ensure that they are safe for use.

The Pull of the Winch

Usually the required winch line-pull will be pre-set during final factory acceptance testing but can also be adjusted by the operator should a different setting be required. Rotrex Winches can provide winches with constant tension and rendering modes for those times when normal winch hoisting and lowering is not achievable. It’s also important and beneficial to monitor the pull of the winch rope. By monitoring the winch line-pull, you can be sure that the winch is operated within any project line-pull restrictions. In most cases, it is possible to provide data recording to show the winch performance throughout the winching operation.

Rope Spooling

We are able to supply and spool winch wire ropes at affordable prices. It is very important to spool any winch wire rope correctly to avoid damage to the rope during use. Prior to a load being applied to a rope, it is vital that the rope is installed with enough back tension to stop the underlying rope layers from being crushed, and in addition, the top working layer from diving through those rope layers. Our in-house wire rope spooling technology prevents this from happening and guarantees correct wire rope spooling every time.

Hydraulic Power Units

We also supply hydraulic power units (HPU’s), which are self-contained and easily transportable. Rotrex have an extensive range with different variations, depending on worksite requirements. Our HPU’s include safe area diesel driven or electric driven, along with Zone 2 compliant options. All our HPU’s can be supplied as part of a winch package or even on a standalone basis for supplying hydraulic power to non-Rotrex equipment.

Secondary Base Frames and Grillages

Lastly, we can supply secondary base frames with our base-mounted winches. These are supplied with deck weldable anchor plates as standard. Additionally, we can design and manufacture custom base frames or grillages to fully integrate our winches into any deck or floor plan.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our ancillary equipment for use with winches, please complete our enquiry form, or email us at sales@rotrexwinches.co.uk. On our contact page you will also find further details of our branches London, Derby, Glasgow and Aberdeen.