Cable Drum Trailer

Rotrex cable drum trailer

Cable Drum Trailer

  • Capacity up to 20T
  • Fast and slow traffic
  • With or without reel drive
  • Drawbar coupling or drawbar eye

Hire or Buy a Cable Drum Trailer from Rotrex

Getting a drum trailer to where it needs to be can be a real headache. Based on reel diameter, reel width, weight and shaft diameter we can select the right reel carrier. Because we have a wide selection of hose reelers, we can always offer a model that is big enough, but on the other hand as small and mobile as possible.

From a small rapid transport reel truck that can carry a 1T reel to a 20T modular reel truck that can be built up on site (to save on transport costs).

Larger reel carts have air brakes, pulling eye, reel drive and motorised reel lifting (compared to manual).

All our cable drum trailers are equipped with a hydraulic hand-operated pump so the trailer can easily be lifted and lowered. They are also designed to be secure in transit, being held in place by mechanical locks when the drum is fully raised. All our cable drum trailers, whether for hire or sale, are provided with a full certification certificate so that you can be sure that your trailer is in top condition.

If there is a type of cable drum trailer that you are looking for but can’t find on this page, click here to contact our expert team who will be happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your individual requirements.

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