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Rotrex has a long history in fresh and saltwater environments.  Originally, we were involved in projects relating to the extraction of oil and gas. In recent years, the focus has shifted to sustainable energy sources; together with our customers, we are moving with the times.

Rotrex equipment is used for the construction of submarine cabling, pipelines, and wind farms, but also for dredging work (positioning pontoons) and reeling work (reeling out hose, rope, or cable).

We would be pleased to use our experience to recommend the most suitable solution for your project requirementsSome basic characteristics that are considered in the selection of a winch include the desired tonnage, winch speed, winch cable working length, footprint,  desired type of drive, etc. Depending on your project, we also advise on the use of steel cable or fiber rope, winch control, and winch accessories such as pulleys and monitoring systems.


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