5T Rotrex Powair 50A

5T Rotrex Powair 50A

New or Used




Power Source 1


Power Source 2

6.2 bar (90 psi)
@ 12.0m3/min (420 cfm)

Line Pull


Line Speed

0 - 20m/min

Drum Storage

225m x 18mm

Winch Control

Self returning throttle
mounted on winch

Winch Fastening

6 x 23mm or secondary
base can be provided

Winch Dimensions

1420mm x 970mm x 855mm

Brake Holding



 Automatic failsafe multi-disc brake,
spring applied and air released

Winch information

The POWAIR 50A is a single drum, air powered, lifting winch. The drum is powered by a radial piston air motor via internal gearing, the speed of which is variable through the control lever. This winch also has an auto fail-safe band-brake on the drum..